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Someone who is versed in many forms of techno (technically known as electronica), from house to trance to progressive to tribal, etc. This person will have a variety of fly techno beats in their collection of techno. You may find many such people at clubs and festivals specializing in such music.
Dude, we got a soccer game in 15 minutes! We need some techno to pump us up, what do you got?
I got some Tiesto, Van Buuren, Schulz, Corsten, Oakenfold...
Damn you are technoliterate...I love it!

Man, sandstorm is the greatest techno song ever!
It's definitely a classic man, but once you become technoliterate, you'll hear even better.
by mzlnkabwlr September 27, 2011
To have the ability to read and/or write on a computer program or other technological device.

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The mashing of two real words to create a seemingly real one that is able to fool "like" happy facebook users.
"Tried to read for SUST, reading was sideways, prof, y u no technoliterate" - BVH
by nowitsreal March 13, 2011
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