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slang term for technology {as used by Ali G)
{As in the Ali G show} Science, what is it all about - techmology what is that all about?
by mak2675 July 01, 2005
noun. A derogatory and purposeful mispronunciation of the word technology used to describe something that has impressed a person of lesser technical knowledge in order to show just how lame they are.
Noob: 'Wow, did you see how cool that new GPS system is?'
Me: Techmology my boy, techmology.
by Kassius99 October 20, 2005
TechmologyTM (Tech-mol-o-gy)
n. pl. techmologies, abbrev. "Mology"

Term trademarked by PrismaStar Software to describe technology products such as consumer electronics (e.g. digital cameras, laptops, flatscreen TVs, MP3 players, digital camcorders, mobile phones, etc. )
Yo, this new HDTV is some mad techMOLOGY!
by TechyJoe April 26, 2006