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slang term for technology {as used by Ali G)
{As in the Ali G show} Science, what is it all about - techmology what is that all about?
by mak2675 July 01, 2005
An african-american style threat obtained on the account of insubordination often from parent to child (as well as other exchanges). It is not strictly limited to african-americans. Although it is usually just an empty threat used to express reproval, it very well can be followed by a severe beatdown or whoop. The whooping itself can be performed using accessories such as a belt.
O hell no, son, you better not eat that last piece of chicken or im gon' whoop yo' ass!

I heard you dropped outta school and gon' to jail. Thats my boy! But now i heard that you be foolin wid dose white boys! Come here, im gon' whoop yo' ass!
by mak2675 August 19, 2007
a royal beating obtained for any transgression or misbehavior, usually from foreign parents and especially indian subcontinent parents (like how "whoop yo ass" most often refers to an african-american style beat down). A most vicious form of child abuse though it usually always passes the radar of child protection services. This is because by the time child protection services would reach you, you would receive the most "epic beating the world has ever witnessed".
Let me see your report card, beta....WHAT, you got a B+!!! That is unacceptable.....*slap slap slap slap* <<<epic beating

So beta, i saw you holding hands with that girl. *grabs son by the ear*. You know you cannot talk to girls, you have to wait till your arranged marriage!!! *slap slap slap slap slap slap slap* <<<epic beating
by mak2675 August 19, 2007

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