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11 definitions by Mal

to be mean or {evil}
spanish- mal means bad, as well in 5 other
by mal November 11, 2003
Desirable, impressive, or otherwise noteworthy. Usually attributed to something seen as expensive to a broke dumbshit. See also half-price
Damn, that shit is price, B!
by mal June 18, 2004
A method, invented by Wired magazine, of removing all non-advertising content from the internet.
"We'll get more eyeballs if we synergize our core paradigms utilizing push technology."
by mal June 21, 2004
What you use to wrap Roy Orbison up in.
My terrapin Jetta watched me slowly wrap Roy Orbison in clingfilm.
by mal June 21, 2004
Less than desirable, impressive, or noteworthy. Can be used to discredit the value of certain nouns.
"Wow, you guys see that new convertable truck thing? That shit is fucking price."
"What the fuck are you talking about? That's the most half-price piece of ugly garbage I've seen since the fucking El Camino"
by mal June 18, 2004
A charismatic and loveable yet somewhat eccentric space traveller who explores space in his Hurricane Mk II. Wields a magic umbrella and has a strange affinity for sushi and sake.
none. he's a character!
by Mal February 07, 2004
See clingfilm.
"So it appears that I have been wrapped in cling-film," said Roy Orbison without emotion. "Yes," I agreed.
by mal June 25, 2004