A short term for a guitar tech, drum tech, bass tech, etc. The person who is in charge of tuning the musicians instrument, taking care of it, perhaps operating remote pedals, and so on. The musicians right hand man, when it comes to their gear...basically a step above the average roadie.
John, the guitar players tech, handed him a new guitar inbetween songs.
by M1Tgr July 04, 2011
A teenage boy that is fully into computers, prgramming and/or making animations or games. Usually has little friends but fairly bright.
"What's with that Charles guy?"

"I dunno, he's a tech."
by Grace May 14, 2004
tech stems from the word Hi - tech meaning state of the art, cool piece of stuff. However, the word has now grown to mean anything really really cool.
"oh my god those trainers are tech"
by lucy darby December 06, 2004
damn i gotta new tech nine off dat ghost nigga...shit its a damn lighter
by warmer August 04, 2003
Short for "technology" and is used in this way primarily by the Church of Scientology and its reformed but loosely affiliated group, the Freezone.
The tech of Freezone Scientology is a very valuable group of counseling procedures.
by ScienoRatz July 17, 2006
Tech a phrase which can be used in any contex.
TECH!; Tech no; I teched your mom; Tech you later; he Techxed me.
by Kian February 23, 2005
another word for pimp tight talk game
man i was runnin so much on this hoe,i got her locked for sho
by WhiteFolks September 28, 2003
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