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When you are masterbating to the beat of The Super Mario Bros. and your scrotum goes aflame while you are possessed by the ghost of Nancy Reagan in a poodle costume and all of a sudden you notice a britsh guard standing near and you shit on his hat w/ a poodle in your head causing him to scream my shit is coming from a shit with a shit poodle on his bloody head
One fine day I gave myself a teasteamer at Big Ben and it was so delightfully pleasant That I snorted 10 grams of cocaine so I could name myself Pat and have people sing a song called"Pat is gay"
by Mike Tabor July 02, 2006
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When you masturbate so fast and feverishly that your penis lights on fire and you run in to a british persons house and dump their pot of tea all over your cock to get the fire out but it makes it worse so you get hurt and shit all over their dinner and then one of the british guards who never moves run into the house and say, "By george, give me some fooking tea and crumpets before I make fish and chips out of your arse!" Then you shit all over the guards hat and it looks like a furry shitty beaver! Then you use it as a dildo and stick in the british women's vagina that cooked the dinner. And she screams, "Bloody Hell you shtupid wanker" then to make a funny you say "I like your fucking couch!" and then shit on it and walk out!
Have you ever made one of those british gaurds move! yeah I sure have I did a tea steamer!

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