1. n. a person who cries when they masturbate.

2. n. a person who has a habit of masturbating while watching a dramatic movie or "chick-flick".

3. n. a song by KoRn off of their "See You on the Other Side" album.
What a pussy! I'll bet he's a fucking tearjerker.
by nofgiehehderegsdff February 28, 2006
Someone who likes to rub the one eyed snake while watching sad movies.
The end of that movie was such a tearjerker - i blew my load over the remote
by effurm the retarded rabbit September 22, 2005
A form of entertainment or media that one can masturbate to and cry to simultaneously.
Clementine: Hey did you see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie yet?

Johnny: Yeah, it's a real tear jerker, I had to use two different tissue boxes!
by Aren Demzah April 27, 2016
Any person that can only "get off" if they have used their tears as lubricant, not necessarily out of sadness. These people tend to be sexually aroused by crying and the act of using their tears as lubricant gets them especially excited.
I walked in on Geoff and had no idea he was a tear jerker! Now I understand why he loves to watch women cry
by Nathaniel Jameson April 07, 2015
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