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1. To fart loudly; to fart with such force that it's as if one's ass is literally tearing open.

(Syn. "rip ass")
1. Holy shit! Are we under attack or did you just tear ass?

2. Roll down the windows. Bobby just tore ass.
by Mr. Filbert August 13, 2008
two words that sound like Japan's current prime minister of 2009, Taro Aso.
ウィアブ-chan: have you realiezed that Taro Aso's name sounds like Tear Ass?

ワパニイス-chan: OMG like no wai
by youtubechad5161 July 11, 2009
a HUGE fart that hurts when exiting!
judy cut a tearass and her face reddened, but john swooned!

a tearass is a rare and precious fart!
by michael foolsley November 27, 2009
Used in place of the word "restaurant." Gernerallu describes a restaurant whose food is of dubious nature and will cause you intense pain in yr belly. A spin off of the word terrace.
When I was in school i used to have to eat at the Ahmanson Tear-ass everyday.
by athiestonparade December 03, 2004
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