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2 definitions by Jeepersbo

The excruciating pain one incurs when finally completing a successful bowel movement which feels as if you have just received an episiotomy in child birth.

End result: Bloody stool & burning anus
Son of a bitch Debby, that turd was soooooo big it left me shaking. I always hate those rip shit tear asses!
by Jeepersbo February 02, 2007
24 5
An expressive form of Dirty Dynamite that sores from your colon at such a rapid speed that it makes you mimic the unpleasant sounds of a screeching owl.
End Results: Self induced Pink Sock & shredded linoleum from the clenching of your toe claws.
Oh my God Bertha, after eating that macho combo burrito from Del Taco, I was buckled up in the restroom with a screeching owl.
by Jeepersbo February 02, 2007
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