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The puppet comedy film by the south park people.
Great and dam funny
Reporter: Once again Team America has succesfully pissed off the world
by Araxmas August 04, 2005
a hilarious movie by them south park folk. includes one of the best theme songs of all time.
team america has saved the day again yay
by carss June 03, 2006
funny puppet 1:"It's Me! It's Me!"
funny puppet 2:"I think he's saying kiss me, kiss me!"
funny puppet 3:"Smart ass mother fucker!"
Team America saved my ass!!!
by vogan April 18, 2007
the most awesome group of people on the face of the earth. Crazy. Fun. Sexy. Retarded. All of that equals those 4 people!
"Dude look at those 4 retards going crazy!"
"It's Team America what do you expect?!"
by Team America itself!!!!! August 23, 2008
a puppet movie involving a group of world police officers (terrorists, same thing eh?) who do more damage than the terrorists they are trying to stop
i.e they destroy half of Paris to stop a guy blowing up a busy street corner.
example 1:
Asshole1: AMERICA!

Asshole2: FUCK YEAH!

Republican: Isn't that the catch phrase for team america? the guys who do more damage than the terrorists they stop?

Asshole2: FUCK YEAH!

Republican: *sigh*....

example 2:

Nato (north atlantic treaty orginizaion)
Overrate Shite. People quote it thinking it is actually funny. It was meant to be dig at american "World Policing", but ended up as a peurile waste of film.
Me : "The knowledge that you exist is a burden on my soul."
by Ennead September 28, 2005
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