a group of xangans who give head to each other's egos over the e-net, also responsible for the brutal execution of the word owned
You so pwnt him man, go you.
by ahahaha April 07, 2005
Top Definition
A group of Leet bloggers OWNING ignorant, hypocritical, religious fundamentalist, HTML prone morons on Xanga.
Team Choad hacks your Xanga.
by Dustin Chander April 07, 2005
Team choad is a Magical team of Genius individuals who Own all who Oppose them On Xanga.
Don't Fuck with team choad they will Pwn you like a Dirty NOOB.
by Joey April 05, 2005
a group of xangans who constantly talk about fucking each other jokingly, but deep down, they really do lust for each other. A rare specimen often found at home masturbating to sean paul pictures.
hey man. have you seen the new sean paul video? fuck my earhole!
by hawthorne and evan April 09, 2005
A group of loser guys with nothing better to do than create stupid assanine stuff on xanga.
Team Choad sucks the big one!
by Team Chader April 06, 2005
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