1. A type of wood that can be used to make various items.

2. A name for a girl. Not very common but it is used out there somewhere...
1. Guy- Check out this cool chair I made!
Guy 2- Cool! What's it made of? oak?
Guy-No man, this is pure teak!

2. Guy- Check out Teak over there! She's so hott!
Guy 2-Yeah she is! Hey, maybe she'd like your teak chair!

by mooshi800 April 18, 2009
Top Definition
a word often used by Doctor Who fans on Tumblr to discribe Matt Smith's hair, who plays the Eleventh Doctor.

The word is often used in haiku poems that pay tribute to Smith's hair.
The hair is like an elegant ocean wave carved from teak, and we welcome haiku on the subject, Japanese language optional.
by yourenotalone December 09, 2010
A name given to your best imaginary friend
Person 1: Wanna go out tonight?
Person 2: Nah I'm chillaxin' with my home girl Teak!

Girl 1: Why are you always skipping out on our dates?
Girl 2: Me and Teak got a thing, it's kinda personal
by iliketoeatcake May 01, 2010
Teak (Teee-k)

A loose term for tea lovers who are geeks. Combining the two words together.

Teaks (Teee-ks)
Plural- More than one Teak.
Teak- "That dude is such a Teak"

Teaks- "The Sirignano's are a couple of Teaks"
by We're Steeped November 11, 2012
weed, marijuana, pot
Im get so mother fucking teaked right now.
Lets smoke some teak.
You a teak head.
Im a teak.
by nrchronzies October 31, 2007
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