Used in conversation when somebody mentions something you want to know but then says "dont worry" and wont tell you. Once you have shouted "tealeaf!" the person must tell you straight away what they were going to say.

Also see definition of Dwa
hollie: omg guess what! oh wait dont worry...
kari: no TEALEAF!
hollie: ok basically i shagged your boyfriend last night.
by sxcbitch123 October 26, 2008
a boy called stine burgess
" hey stine just stole from sainsburys "
by Sainsburys Manager November 28, 2003
a jackass, retard, dumbass, unintelligent person, one who is ignorant and doesnt know any better.
person 1- did you understand that joke?
person 2- uhhh noooo, did you???
person 1- you friggin tea leaf.
by Ashrafistheman January 16, 2006
an amazing guy who means the world to me. he is kind and funny and so much more. i love him to bits with all my heart. he is my soul mate, i love you my baby xxxx
'tealeaf, how did u get your name?'
'tealeaf stop poking frankis'
by ames February 07, 2004

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