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Means thief, but is often shortened to 'teaf'.
"I aint no chav - I didin't teaf these creps"
by Chrissy P May 20, 2005
a boy called stine burgess
" hey stine just stole from sainsburys "
by Sainsburys Manager November 28, 2003
a jackass, retard, dumbass, unintelligent person, one who is ignorant and doesnt know any better.
person 1- did you understand that joke?
person 2- uhhh noooo, did you???
person 1- you friggin tea leaf.
by Ashrafistheman January 16, 2006
an amazing guy who means the world to me. he is kind and funny and so much more. i love him to bits with all my heart. he is my soul mate, i love you my baby xxxx
'tealeaf, how did u get your name?'
'tealeaf stop poking frankis'
by ames February 07, 2004