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Group of Cockblocking whores, who think they own the Kane Bayle Server. Couldn't Carry In-Virtue's jockstraps when they were active and still have a complex about it.
by anonymous July 09, 2003
4 14
Stands for Tottenham Court Road, a major street in Central London. Is also used to describe the tube station with the same name.
Take the central line and change at TCR for the Northern.
by notreally February 13, 2007
19 11
'The Chronic Regime' A graffiti crew from Dublin Ireland that mainly bombs South Dublin.
'TCR did some sick throw ups along the line last night'
by Joey Mc Joe May 18, 2006
13 10
1. An abbreviation for The Colbert Report
2. A graffiti tag wrote by someone from Norwich - often seen wrote in Black/White spray paint and/or black/white ink markerpen, usually the year is next to it (Shown on walls , sticker format etc)
1. Hey mate did you watch TCR last night ?
2. TCR_07 "*TCR_07"
by "Ralf" January 13, 2007
2 5
A good scene release group that gets a lot of undeserved critisism
by John September 21, 2003
5 8