Abbreviation for Taking Care of Business; often used to refer to Bauchman-Turner Overdrive's hit song. Also used as slang in "legitimate businessmens' clubs" to desribe a job that must be done.
Bart: Who are those pleasant old men?
Homer: It's BTO -- they're Canada's answer to ELP. Their big hit was TCB.
(long silence)
That's how we talked in the '70s. We didn't have a moment to spare.
by fw75 May 20, 2004
Thats Cool Bro
When you see someone you know in public and they act like you're a stranger..but when you're not in public it's the opposite. TCB
by Alystorm May 09, 2013
Short for "Totally Cock-Blocking". Often funnier when used in scenarios when misunderstood by one party for the more common "Taking care of business" abbreviation.
I so would have closed that deal, but Matt was TCB
by Wiznerd1 September 16, 2009
T-typical C-cracker B-behavior, when someone who is black or of other race or color, acts like a white dude, orriginally from merry kwanza charlie brown, which you can watch on, it is helarious.
black kid 1: i wanna listen to sweet rock instead of rap!
black kid 2: damn nigga, you got some TCB!
by acdcrules January 02, 2006
texas cry babies
tacos con barbaccoa

south sider: ey homie im hngry i want some tcb with salsa

south sider: ey man the tcb proved themselfs today... they can really cry
by Mack_tehn956 April 03, 2009
The Condom Bandits
Man: Wow it says here in the newspaper that TCB has struck again!

Woman: Well of course they did! That guy didn't use a condom, so he had to die by a condom.
by Miss Alysha January 03, 2009
"Typical Cracker Behavior"
i can't beleive He fired me, thats such TCB
by L-Town king January 03, 2008
obviously standing for "taking care of business"
it's lingo for smoking weed
"wanna tcb?"
"pssh obviousy"
by Jack-4E October 15, 2005

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