tbh means "to be honest" however, it is so overused that its now become common place to see it after anything.
The French come from France tbh.

Miles Jacobson is a complete cunt tbh.

by J December 08, 2004
Tight but hole, this phrase is most commonly used when tightening up a group of friends standing around talking, this means the group would move closer together to block unwanted people from joining the circle. not to be confused with the much gayer version of TBH 'to be honest'
Spencer: Here comes Boogie (aka Brenton)
Micheal: nigga he gay, and a baby back bitch.
Tristan: He betrayed the group.
Gary: I think this calls for a TBH
Marco: TBH everyone!
*group moves into a tighter circle to block Boogie out*
Boogie: WTF
*Brenton tries to get in the circle for a second then walks away to find somewhere to be.*
by Geedle gee June 12, 2013
Tbh - An abbreviation of "Touch Big Homosexuals"
Gay Person 1: I'm sad.
Gay Person 2: It's ok, just TBH.
Gay Person 1: What?
Gay Person 2: Touch Big Homosexuals.
Gay Person 1: Thanks man, you're the best!
by iliketouchingbighomosexuals April 14, 2013
Tangled Butt Hair
John had so much TBH that when he shat feces got stuck in there and it required much effort for him to clean it.
by Johnnys024 October 27, 2009
TBH - Terrigal Brotherhood

One of the most dangerous and well known youth gangs on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Most members are in prison now but a younger faction of the gang is currently gaining recognition in the area and are known for small criminial activity such as robberies and assaults.
TBH fucking bashed so many cunts from Wyong last night.

TBH rep cunt
by GuttaStompa April 26, 2011
Totally Ballistic Harpy(ies)
Be careful when you go to Greece, you might run into some TBH.
by Starcre8er March 21, 2011
Tit Bitin Horny
When a girl is so ready and randy that she grabs her own tit and starts biting her nipple
As soon as I got my hand in her pants she was tbh
by DrunkBro December 02, 2009
Total Butthole

meaning to go the long yard and have straight out anal sex.
Person 1: so you like guys?
Person 2: yeah. i mean I'll get blowjobs and stuff, but I won't go TBH with them. that's a mission impossible, sorry.
by DissRespectful July 06, 2009

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