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TBFL - To be (a) fucking liar.
Used in a rather humorous tone, as if to mock the "tbh" posts. Used by someone with perhaps some sense, or someone who could be using this as an antidote. For more, see sarcasm, tbh, Situational Humor.
Usued primarily on social-media pages, I.E; Facebook, etc.
TBFL I miss your face. Naww but really you're alright.

TBFL I dont have a crush on you...
by DJ Confidence September 10, 2012
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A gangster group of girls who are very trill and live a yolo lifestyle

"Wow who are those good looking girls"
"Oh those are the TBFL"
"They seem like trill bitches"
"Oh, they definitely are my friend"
by baddestbitch334455 July 18, 2012
an acronym for "the big fat loser"
colleen is tbfl shes sooooo stupid
by seven? May 10, 2003

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