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An incredibly dumb statement of any sort, usually resulting in those around the speaker desperately trying to suppress laughter. May take the form of a stupid question.
"If you build a car in auto body shop, do you get to keep it?" (To the counselor for 9th grade class sign ups)

Him: Hey are you the guy that invented spartan kicking?"
Me (to self): That's a taylorism!

Him: I KNOW what Mardi Gra is!
Me: ORLY? What?
Him: It's a religion in Mexico, right?
Random Guy: That's the best taylorism I've heard all day!
by Tyler Menezes March 27, 2008
Noun. (Plural - Taylorisms)

A special teachers brand of business B/S talk
An example of a Taylorism:
"We look to you as ambassadors of our school and its uniform"

(In an attempt to advocate wearing school uniform 'correctly')
by Oatzy May 04, 2007

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