The nickname for the romantic relationship between Taylor Lautner, of Twilight fame, and Taylor Swift, country songstress. A relationship inferior in cosmic importance to Robsten (Rob Pattinson + Kristen Stewart), as it is less likely to make rabid Twilight fans foam at the mouth and fly into mass, ecstatic frenzy.

AKA Squint Squared... for obvious reasons.
"Aww look, TayTay. They're cute together."

"Too bad nobody cares cause the world revolves around Robsten."
by Oh No She Didn't December 13, 2009
The one person in a circle of friends who always, no matter what, FAILS at life. He/she is always broke and gets by strictly on pity donations. Often he/she will make plans with friends and “cop-out” at the last minute only to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. Productive is the perfect antonym of a Taytay. Beyonce can best describe a Taytay as, “Always talkin' about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.” Also commonly known as: buster, scrub, bum, loser, broke ass.
Dude, what happened to "Insert name here" last night?! He was supposed to come out with us! Man! He's a Taytay!
by Uh huh, I said it. November 12, 2009
Tipsy people use this word at parties used for tee tee, wee wee, or pee pee right now!
Funny woman or gay man at party bar about to pee in their pants, "Gotta tay tay!"
by marquette richey May 28, 2008
only the BIGGEST BITCH ever to talk they face of this planet. she is the ohysical manisfistaion of the devil himself. if you ever meet her you should run for the hills because she will rip out your fucking hear and then throw it into her gigantic gaping vagina like the fucking wormhold that it is.
"damn tay tay is the biggest bitch that i have ever met!"
by The Gus Bus May 04, 2009
a person who is normally born from a pimp and a hoe. A really fucked up kid with man boobies..hoorah
Yo dude you are a major Tay Tay.
by Tay Tay December 10, 2006
The doubled version of tay. Tay is an abbreviated version of Partay. Party is an abbreviation of Party. There for being a doubled abbreviation of an abbreviation of a party.
Set and get to the tay tay.
by not legit at all March 13, 2003
nickname for American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks.
Omg, TayTay did such a good job last night!
by SongGirl07 May 11, 2006

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