The essence of Mega Baught
Oh man he looks SOOO taught with those non perscription glasses and FUzzy dice.
by sanch April 14, 2005
Top Definition
1. To tighten up.

2. A defined body.

3. When your balls are running from North to South. (See Bruce Miller)
I'm so taught right now.

You're looking solid. Must be taught!

One cock with three chicks. That's taught.
by PEN30 2x the size March 19, 2011
A pretentious way to say "tight" as in having much tension.

Made popular by the charector "Cartman" from south park.
This will be my only only life line into the city. So make sure it says nice and taught.

You don't want your line to be too taught or it will snap.
by Milly Mandauz March 29, 2006
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