Top Definition
to tell on or make up a story
Cindy from the Brady Bunch was such a tattle tale!
by jojoko November 11, 2004
Check out the tattles on that slizzy!
by Pimpy Parsons April 18, 2005
(n) A nipple
"dude, her blouse was so low her tattles were lookin at me"
by A-Ray December 08, 2003
When someone especially someone you know tells an authority figure usually a teacher or leader of a group of kids, that you are doing something you shouldn't be doing, if what you are doing is wrong, but isn't hurting anyone else, if someone reports you, they are a tattle tale, or a snitch.
Mark: Mrs. Murphy, Tom is on his phone and he knows he shouldn't be
Tom: Why do you have to tattle?
Snitch Squealer
by TTIAR1 March 06, 2016
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