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4 definitions by jojoko

A 24 hour gaming channel that was created in 2002. G4 stands for four generations of games: text, sprites, polygons, and textures. Or it could also stand for 4 different game platforms: personal computer, console, handheld, and arcade. Teleivision Programming was extremely mediocre until 2004 when the network was bought out by Comcast (Cable Provider) and combined with the 24 hour Technology Channel TechTV (formerly ZDTV). At that point all the employees of TechTV were fired and replaced with younger hipper nerds from G4.
The only good show on G4 was Icons.
by jojoko August 22, 2004
191 113
to tell on or make up a story
Cindy from the Brady Bunch was such a tattle tale!
by jojoko November 11, 2004
61 7
(n) watched user list
(v) to earn a spot on someone's wul
i am a whore for wul's
by jojoko June 12, 2004
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(n) God

also Prime Ministry elect of the GCNCB
All hail Steepe
by jojoko June 12, 2004
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