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boobies, knockers, hooters, tah tahs, tits
Guh-Damn look eh dem tatters. Im gettin uh boner. Sheeeit
by J-Dogg November 04, 2003
tatter is a slang term meaning breasts.
oh my what lovely tatters you have
by nate marler April 26, 2009
The act of a Man Aggressively having sex in a speedy fashion.
Man, I really tattered her ass the other night!
by Shane Ivory January 03, 2010
a small, incredibly cute, blonde mormon.
"oh man, that little blonde girl is so cute!"
"yeah, she's more than a dimer, she's a tatter"
by Erik Wurgler February 24, 2008
An inspirado for many ppl, not just boobs
Thanks Tatters I found my inspirado!
by Mrfancypants May 03, 2005
A sometimes lesbian, golden girls watching chick who LoVeS hAmBuRgErRrRzZz!!1!! Also loves Fall Out Boy and banging.
That Tatters is glorious.
by FailureByDesign May 04, 2005