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abv: twatting away the hours.

spending your working day doing anything but work until lunch/ home time. Usually on some social networking site/ ebay etc. (see: check your vitals)

current Status: tath
#twatting #twat #check your vitals #wafwo #facebook
by scott wallis October 03, 2007
A Tath is a descendant of Grendel, living in an alternate parallel universe in which houses are made out of bamboo and panda bears smoke herb. Math doesn't exist, science is susceptible to random incoherent changes, and old women have horns. The Tath itself is a friendly critter, known to roam around western Massachusetts. Easily spotted by his trademark bicycle with his rat tied to the handlebars, he is an urban legend in his own mind.
"We're gonna have to chase that Tath out of town if he falls into another persons trash can."
#iguana #grendel #western massachusetts #urban legend #lizard king
by Gertrude4324 May 18, 2009
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