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What you call a guy when he have mashed potatoes fall on his nuts. Derived from an episode of That 70's Show.
Hyde: Let's ask Tater Nuts.
Kelso: Don't call me that!
by sb129 April 15, 2008
a term of endearment, when you wanna compliment and insult youre friend at the same time!
hey wats up taternuts!!
by katotool April 16, 2007
Well endowed Sack of Testicles well having Small Penile Shaft

or a Nickname of some people
"His shaft was small, but he had a nice set of Tater Nuts!"

"His Tater Nuts were slamming my clit like a demolition crane tearing down a building."

"Hey Tater Nuts, Check out that girl."
by Jason aka TaterNuts December 26, 2005
What you call someone who falls asleep while hanging out with a group of friends. Usually passing out due to several substances in the body. Drunk or stoned. It's often accompany with a punch to the chest to wake the person up.
After several beers, Mark fell asleep on the couch while watching a movie. Zack yelled "Quit being a tater nuts," and punched him in the chest.
by RPaulsen December 13, 2009
The testicles of a Mexican boy. Easily aroused by fat chicks.
"Eric! I don't wanna see them tater nuts!"
by Kyler Kephart November 20, 2007
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