UK slag for cocaine.
Anyone sorted out the tartan for Friday?
by ScottW April 11, 2006
Top Definition
The Academy of the Holy Cross' mascott with two different meanings:

1. A female warrior (even though the picture on the WCAC sign in all the WCAC schools is of a male warrior)

2. Plaid cloth

-or if you're a cool kid-
3. A female warrior dressed in plaid
Even though it isn't the best mascott, the AHC Tartans are better than you!
by AHC is better than your school December 23, 2005
A two dimensional human-readable bar code symbology with hundreds of combinations per module. Usually found on Scottish things such as kilts, ribbons, sarongs, and bagpipes. Each clan (a Scottish family, spelled with a C) has its own tartan.
Hamish the red got away with sending the HD-DVD key by way of tartans on kilts in the mail.

The tartan was found on kilts early in the Faerytale Era.
by Wm. Wallace the Freedom Fighter October 28, 2007
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