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Scottish (Glaswegian) - affected swagger, braggish attitude and (mis)behaviour.
That boy reckons he's gallas in his sr nova with his new kappa shell suit pumpin oot Tam Wilson's happy hardcore.
by ScottW April 11, 2006
Scottish - Fuckbast is the word Buckfast transposed. Central region slang for the popular tonic wine brand 'Buckfast'.

A commonly held belief is that the number embossed on a Buckfast bottle denotes the sweetness of the contents. This is merely a batch number and is not an indication of the quality or sucrose level of the contents.
Right ya fanny, my bottles got a 2 on it so it's the sweetest Fuckbast ever man. Let's go to the park and sit on the swings. Aye man Falkirk Fear! Let's stamp some authority!
by ScottW April 11, 2006
Scottish (Glaswegian) - high on drugs, mainly associated with neds and schemies esp. temazapam (jellies), valium, base and cheap ecstasy.
Aye man that punter's wired to the moon and if he doesn't shut it he'll get a burst mooth man - pass the buckie.
by ScottW April 11, 2006
UK slag for cocaine.
Anyone sorted out the tartan for Friday?
by ScottW April 11, 2006
The act of necrophelia.
I heard big Tam who works in the morgue is into a bit of coldplay...
by ScottW April 11, 2006

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