Jizzing all over a prostitute, then throwing the money owed for said services on her so that it will stick.
After I got done smashing that prostitute, she got tarred and feathered.
by Jackie Hand November 21, 2010
Top Definition
The feeling of being utterly burned or lied to. Made to look (or feel) like a fool.
*in front of all your friends*
Girl: Honey, I slept with 2 other guys last night.
Guy: *does not know what to say, but feels tarred and feathered*
by ALJOVIDO May 09, 2007
When shagging a girl from behind pull out then cum on her back, once you have done this quickly yank alot of pubes from your pubic region and throw onto the newly produced cum. Tarred and Feathered!
"Ha ha, you've just been tarred and feathered"
" I was shaggin this ho last night, didn't really want to do it so i tarred and feathered her"
by pauldyason1985 October 04, 2008
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