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Diluted, milky.

Primarily used by african-american people to insult people who derived from the anglo-saxons; as if a cup of tea which is usually black has been diluted with milk.

The plural of targus is 'targi'
Yeah, that guy, he called you a n****r!

I don't care. After all, he is a stinking targus.
by ilovethedankestofmemes June 29, 2016
a very friendly but deadly animal from planet targon. they look similar to a mixture of a tiger and a turtle. they eat from trees which have leaves that resemble oversized marijuana leaves and it has buds of raw meat, so they can support being both herbavor and carnivor. The dominate males are rumored to have a laser gun that comes out of their shell.
i was steezed the other day and i saw a targus. it tried to speak targonian to me, but i said, "excuse me Targus, but i dont speak Targonian."
by steezin withphil May 02, 2007
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