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Someone who contributes significantly to the field of exploration in human stupidity.
Notice that no one left with her. So either she went alone, rather unlikely, or her friends thought she was an utter tardonaut.
by execute November 26, 2008
One who explores the unconquered frontier of idiocy.
Lucy was such a tardonaut when she told the comedian he was a racist right after he made several jokes about how racists suck.
by saint gulik November 26, 2008
Someone doing something extraterestrially stupid - a portmanteau of 'astronaut' and 'retarded'
"She went alone or her friends didn't want to be seen with her because she was an utter tardonaut."
by iSharQ November 26, 2008
Someone spectacularly retarded. As astronauts are the best of the best, selected for their excellence, taronauts are the peak of idiocy, stupid beyond the reaches of mere retardation.
She was an utter tardonaut, calling the comedian rascist - despite the entire joke being about avoiding sounding rascist.
by Redditor November 27, 2008
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