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Derogatory term for a retarded person's wheelchair.
Look at that tardy, rocking out in his tardmobile.
by Jerkworthy November 07, 2003
7 2
an old school, big boat, gas-guzzling station-wagon that is embarrassing to be seen driving or riding in. Many people wear a disguise if they have to ride in one.
I saw your mom pick you up at the movies Saturday night with the tard mobile, just as you were about to get that chick's phone number-that sucks!
by busterboner August 29, 2009
3 0
1. A car with a Baby On Board sticker, a Disabled sticker, a learner plate, and a license plate reading 'DROOLER'

2. A wheel-chair.
Tardman! To the tardmobile!
by B-Drac November 19, 2003
5 2