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Zippy, zippy dudes.

A super-rad team of 7 sometimes 8 masked marauders here to save the world from monster M, throw killer cool pool parties, and play some silly ska songs along the way.

The drummer from Blink 182 got his start here.
Aquacadet: The Aquabats sure did rock the casbah, homeslice!

Regular Joe: What are you talking about?
by Jerkworthy November 07, 2003
Originally, somebody or something that would be very easy to masturbate to. Now, it's a stand in for anything pleasurable.

Also, street name of head m.c. of BCCB.
These brownies are jerkworthy, as is your mother who made them.
by Jerkworthy November 07, 2003
A nicer way of saying gangbang.

Group sex.
Are you going down to that Gangarang in Memphis? I hear there'll be punch and pie.
by Jerkworthy February 29, 2004
Derogatory term for a retarded person's wheelchair.
Look at that tardy, rocking out in his tardmobile.
by Jerkworthy November 07, 2003
My word I've personally used since 1997 to replace 'cool.' They said cool in the 50's and it needs to die. It now just means Okay. Screw that. Awesome and the like are trying to step up, but they don't work for me either.

Jast originally came from the name of an adult japanese rpg company. Their game came on a pirated game cd from Pakistan.
Their logo was a red JAST on a pink ground. A blue haired girl with a fox tail winked at you to the right.
Any celebrity news is not jast.
Yo-yos were jast in third grade.
by Jerkworthy February 04, 2004
Variation of fucking nuts. When something goes against expectation/norms/acceptability, and the phrase "fucking nuts" has been diluted from overuse, people turn to fiyucking niyutts.
This girl was masturbating on the bus. In broad daylight. It was fiyucking niyutts.
by Jerkworthy February 20, 2004
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