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The action of a person who sits and stares at an object or at nothing at all for an extended amount of time. They tend to drop their jaw, not react to things going on around them and possibly drool.
Student 1: Did you hear what would be covered on the exam?
Student 2: Nah man, I was tarding out like crazy.
by jumpin-jahoosafrats March 29, 2008
The action of an electronic device which does not function for an extended amount of time or frequently for short periods of time. This is usually associated with computers and cellphones.
Sorry I couldn't answer back last night, my phone was tarding out on me.

I'm trying to print, but the computer keeps tarding out!
by Gainesville Greenhouse May 17, 2011
When someone, an animal, or an appliance or a machine spontaneously begins to act retarded.
I.E (in the case of a person) they randomly begin to flail around, babble,speak in jiberish, grunt or scream alot, or act retarded in some other manner.
I.E (machine/appliance) when one of the two just stops working for no apparent reason and becomes difficult and fristrating to opperate
Suddenly shellshock caused Private Smith to start Tarding Out . He kept screaming and kept hitting himself over his head with his trenching spade. Then he ran out of the trench still screaming and hitting himself and got shot. What a retard.
by GameAce99 December 06, 2007
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