Means retarded. Used to express a really dumb guy whi obviously has no mind of his own.
Man that guy is retarded.
by Homefrog January 29, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who is so retarded, they are re-retarded. They have therefore gone back on themselves, and are just tarded.
(see Scott Dehnolm)
by paco May 21, 2004
Someone who is so fucking special, that they don't deserve the privilege of the prefix "RE."
by princess81489 July 20, 2009
Basically means the same thing as retarded, only that it takes out the prefix "re-" to disassociate itself from the true, literal meaning. It is used as a less offensive variation of the term.
Haha, his hair looks so tarded today.
by Athena Kay September 21, 2005
Its what someone is when they call someone else Retarded. A way to reiterate what they consider themselves but pass the blame off onto someone else. You can't have a replay without it first being played.(no pun intended rerun). Nothing can be explained to someone else without it first being understood by yourself.
by cheyennewilson32 July 03, 2012
Faster, easier, and funnier way of describing a mentally challenged individual.
Put that syringe down, what are you tarded or something?
by T-bone April 22, 2004
A slightly derrogitory term for the use of the adjective 'retarded' meaning stupid, amusingly dumb, or almost never the real definition; mentally challenged. The word is only offesive to those without a sense of humor or if actually used offensively.
E.G. "Dude, that guy is 'tarded; he smashed up Chris' ride!
by ChloatopA/B February 19, 2007
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