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Relating closely to the subgenre of whiney music known as "emo", tardcore spawns an endless line of generic bands deprived of a musical life outside of depression. Lyrical themes usually consist of broken hearts, ex girlfriends/boyfriends, lost loves, failing relationships, etc. No creativity, lack of flowing rhythm in the music itself. General earcandy for younger teens wanting to lash out because of broken hearts. Also, the general mixing of hardcore with metal, A.K.A. "metalcore".

Both nicked' "tardcore" by fans of Heavy Metal.
That whiny Alexisonfire CD is total tardcore.
by Jadorade October 26, 2003
22 31
Noun: Someone who seems completely ignorant or idiotic in method, speech, or action, but is surprisingly capable of amazing feats.
The Scotsman from Gendy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack is Tardcore
by Jason Weddell June 21, 2006
61 13
Going beyond the clearly marked limits of regular retardedness.

Strangly enough, only people without down syndrome or other mental handicaps seem to venture into this frightening territory of hardcore tardness.

term is derived from the adj. hardcore, which has been used to define a strain of more aggressive punk rock from 1978-98. However the term mutated to encompass other shitty genres of quasi-punk sounding bands. These bands are also labled as "tardcore" by bands who feel they don't fit under the hardcore lable. Especially since the scene is dominated by dick-wagging testosterone junkies who sneer at anything xenomorphic to them.

Behaviour, as well as music like such also classify as tard core. What a diverse term.
Bill: Dude, did you just eat the sandwich you put your pubes on for your little brother to eat?
Ted: Uh, maybe... wait... yeah!
Bill: You are so fucking tard core.
by tofubot September 18, 2006
34 6
Something that is trying to be hardcore, but it ends up being overused and just ends up looking completely retarded.

1. tYpInG lIkE tHiS iS tArDcOrE
2. Gamertags like "Blaze" and "razor" and "Demon Killer of Twilight 666" and other things like that are tardcore.
3. T-shirts with flaming skulls or tribal designs on them are tardcore, as are tattoos that have a tribal design or a skull.
4. Cars with flame decals are tardcore.
5. People who say "tubular" are tardcore.

All perople who say things like "rad" or "tight" or "righteous" are automatically awesome. And if you disagree, then you are tardcore.
by Matthew Gappmeyer May 05, 2007
24 16
Retarded hardcore music.
Thats so tardcore!!!!
by how 'bout nooo May 02, 2005
27 23
a hardcore gamer who has dedicated an extreme amount of their life towards earning virtual rewards such as achievements, gold, experience levels, and loot.
My tardcore neighbor has literally spent more time playing WOW this year than he has sleeping and he's got the lootz to prove it.
by GameDev September 12, 2008
9 7
Not merely wrong or ignorant, but obstinately, vocally, and insistently wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
Man, those Creationists are tardcore!
by MValk November 20, 2010
2 4
In World of Warcraft, people who play all the time but aren't any good are called tardcore.
That guild raids 40 hours a week but they have the same progression as somebody's alt guild that raids 8 hours a week. They're so tardcore.
by sword of a thousand truths May 26, 2010
3 5