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Person who's job it is to corral or otherwise guide a group of "slow or special people" while they are being transported from place-to-place (usually via foot).
While at the zoo, I saw a tard wrangler attempting to wrangle a stray tard when he bolted from the group near the monkey cage.
by The Sarge November 13, 2003
a person responsible for herding retards from one area to another.
why am i still working as a tard wrangler
by stupidretard420 October 03, 2006
A non retard who (tries to) keeps retards in check. Characterised by their tight jeans.
Thankfully the 'tards have a Tard Wrangler to clear up their mess....
by Kelly Osbourne's Gimp April 23, 2004
A person who takes care of tard liek the one you see running after them in the zoo
person 1: hey look at that wierdo kid

person 2: he looks lost weres his tardwrangler.
by jimmy hunter March 18, 2009