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anong lasa ng tapo ko?
by kantutero September 09, 2003
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Is an anagram for Trashy Ass Piece of Shit, usually when referring to cars, especially old ugly ones. Most often used when a TAPOS cuts you off or is moving too slow in front of you. It can also be used as an insult, but in moderation.
That mother f-ing TAPOS of a car needs to move outta the way!!!
by Mbizzle from Seattizzle August 10, 2010
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A tapo is an iPhone typo.
ThTs Wesome." "Whoa, double tapo.
by pintong@gmail.com October 29, 2010
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Shes very very sweet and lovely.
i really love her and i think shes caring nice sweet and very beautiful to me. shes makes me smile and if she was single i would of ask her out to be my girlfriend. i her out.
shes very cute to special to me and i wish i could treat her better and take care of her! i WILL wait for her.
no matter what.
tammy huynh
by johnny duong May 31, 2003
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