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weird clumpy pudding that tastes like heaven in the form of diahrrea
1.I was eating tapioca pudding and i didnt know what the fuck was in it.

2.Before i mushroomstamp someone i dip my dick in tapioca.
by Daxton July 26, 2006
A stage 5 clinger. The type of person that doesn't leave you alone in a psycho kind of way.

Synonym: tapped, obsessed, crazy
That chick is tapioca; she texts me 24/7.

Damn she showed up to my work, talk about tapioca.
by plibbs September 16, 2014
what your vagina looks like after you fuck a bunch of guys.
"She fucked so many guys."
"I know i heard her pussy looks like tapioca pudding."
by Barney 1235 October 29, 2009
Ugly and or deformed in someway.
Juan: DAMN, have you seen lauren hein's face?
Jasmine: RIGHT? hello- that looks like some straight up tapioca right there!
Lauren: ( is crying )

Gordon: Gabby your hair looks so good today!
Everyone else: your hair looks like crusty nappy tapioca- go home beat lookin' bitch
by Punaner June 16, 2008
Being broke, having no money.
Can't go out drinking tonight, I'm tapioca until payday.
by CojoKerr July 29, 2007
A thin white flat tortilla-like pancake made from manioc flour generally baked in charcoal stove with ripe coconut flesh inside, very commom in Northeastern Brazil.
Hey, we can find a great variety of tapioca in Brazil: we have tapioca with coconut flesh, also with cheese and condensed milk. Which one do you prefer?
by Lino Dino October 21, 2006
An old man's semen.
I went to my grandpas house and there was tapioca in the shower!
by I like funbags March 11, 2008