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fucked up the ass,screwed
used on the living end message board.
that guy is sure taped alright.
by spy September 11, 2003
11 9
To duct tape someone's legs together from behind when they aren't looking so that they fall over.
"Andy taped Rebecca so badly today! She was rolling around on the ground for like ten minutes. I felt kinda bad."
by gogil January 30, 2010
10 3
Paralyzed by bureaucracy or official procedures such that you are unable to hang out with your friends or otherwise have fun.
Guy 1: It's National Margarita Day! Let's get drunk!
Guy 2: I'm at the DMV trying to get a new license, there's mad red tape; I'm taped.

Guy: Hey, what are you doing tonight? Want to get dinner?
Girl: I can't, I'm taped to my W2s. Today is the last day to file taxes.
by AnctRome August 13, 2013
5 1
secret code of being drunk
"Man, i'm so taped. This is great."
"Can we get some tape tonight?"
by Bobbie Sharol February 09, 2007
11 7