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To withdraw cash from an ATM.

MAC is the former Money Access Center network that was ubiquitous in the Northeast and particularly in Philadelphia from the 1980s through the early 2000s when it merged with the STAR network. In Philadelphia, ALL ATMS were MAC, the term ATM was never used in the area.
Yo, I gotta tap MAC - stop at Wawa, willya?
by Tbomb December 01, 2006
In some areas of the US Northeast, a Money Access Center is the former name of the now popular Automated Teller Machine. Tapping MAC is the verb for getting frogskin. Not to be confused with bacterial meningitis from a dirty whore named Makenzie.
Person 1: I forgot to tap mac, can I pay you later?

Person 2: I ain't a goddam credit card, bitch, go hit up wawa.
by daves related to a goat October 09, 2006
To use an ATM machine for the purpose of securing funds for the evening's festivities.
"Hey Dave, they only take cash at this bar, so I gotta tap mac before we go."
by Marshall S March 12, 2006

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