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3 definitions by Tbomb

To withdraw cash from an ATM.

MAC is the former Money Access Center network that was ubiquitous in the Northeast and particularly in Philadelphia from the 1980s through the early 2000s when it merged with the STAR network. In Philadelphia, ALL ATMS were MAC, the term ATM was never used in the area.
Yo, I gotta tap MAC - stop at Wawa, willya?
by Tbomb December 01, 2006
Pittsburghese term for "Pittsburgh". Also pronounced "Pissburgh"
Yunz from Picksburgh? Git ahta tahn! Us too!
by Tbomb December 01, 2006
It's a bag of butts!


A stupid, obnoxious, or otherwise contemptable person.
That guy just cut the line! What a buttbag!
by Tbomb December 04, 2006