a tank is someone who gets high as shit and gets the munchies and starts eating so much food while he laughs.
yo tank chill out, thats your second pizza.
by Pat Weitzman February 15, 2005
The act of having forceful sex
"i tanked that bitch last night"
by peter April 08, 2004
to drink alot of beer, a tank contains alot of liquid and when you drink a tank's worth, you are now tanking
I tank before every Virginia Tech football game.
by B December 01, 2003
Tough person, or someone who thinks he is.
"I'm a tank!"
by Rohan November 16, 2003
See: SUV.
That soccer mom just ran over an old lady with her tank!
by Anonymous November 02, 2003
Slang for toilet.
I need to use the tank.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
Someone who is athletically or academically outstanding.
The girl was so tank at baseball! She got a home run!
#tank #crazy good #super #awesome #amazing
by TankAtThis June 09, 2010
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