Extremely angry but with a sarcastic tone to it, an elevated form of angry
I was tangry when my ice cream cone fell on the ground and was ruined. This history paper is making me tangry!
by Jimbob123 April 30, 2006
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Lack of sleep leading to the person being tired and angry.
Are you tangry?
Yes, I haven't slept for a day!
by Ravenshield9 July 26, 2012
the event where individuals with the last name tang, become so angry they turn into a hulk like-version of tangry
thomas is getting tangry, watch out!!! Don't get so tangry all the time thomas!
by orama03 May 01, 2006
Tangry: When the lack of sex you are having, makes you grumpy.
Jeff hasn't gotten laid in 2 months and is getting a little tangry.
by upchuck jones October 18, 2014
Tangry is when you're so hungry that you're tired and angry
I haven't eaten in an entire day, it's to the point where I'm tangry
by gerardway2cool4you July 07, 2014
hungry for some tang! (pussy)
Man1: Dude, that chick is makin me tangry!
Man2:Well go talk 2 her so and maybe you can get some tang!
by Brina545 November 29, 2006
The combination of being tired and angry.
Damn it Felicia, I'm tangry and you suck.
by mpool February 04, 2015

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