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Lack of sleep leading to the person being tired and angry.
Are you tangry?
Yes, I haven't slept for a day!
by Ravenshield9 July 26, 2012
6 2
Tangry is when you're so hungry that you're tired and angry
I haven't eaten in an entire day, it's to the point where I'm tangry
by gerardway2cool4you July 07, 2014
0 0
the event where individuals with the last name tang, become so angry they turn into a hulk like-version of tangry
thomas is getting tangry, watch out!!! Don't get so tangry all the time thomas!
by orama03 May 01, 2006
12 12
hungry for some tang! (pussy)
Man1: Dude, that chick is makin me tangry!
Man2:Well go talk 2 her so and maybe you can get some tang!
by Brina545 November 29, 2006
7 9
Extremely angry but with a sarcastic tone to it, an elevated form of angry
I was tangry when my ice cream cone fell on the ground and was ruined. This history paper is making me tangry!
by Jimbob123 April 30, 2006
4 11