Tang is yet another word of the language nuggerish.

1. A girl.
2. A vagina.
3. Any sexual favor that a tang (girl) gives a guy, most commonly (but not necessarily) via her tang (vagina).
"Tell that tang to get over here and top me off with a couple gallons."

"Her tang was ainst good."

"Give me tang, po I be da likes."
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by Zack Mooney January 04, 2006
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ab. poontang: pussy, vagina, sex, poon

also...space age orange flavored drink.
Those astronauts have really got it made. I saw in the newspaper that they get all the Tang they want.
by Anonymous November 08, 2002
1. a spaceage drink;
2. pussy
guy 1 :"they say that in the year 3000 there will be like 1000 flavours of tang"
guy 2 :"yea, and the juice will be good too"
by the November 14, 2004
A really sweet orange drink that is difficult to find in stores.
What's a guy gotta do to get some Tang round here?
by Unfairman January 10, 2004
Another word for pussy, usually thought of as an object to be won, and not an actual person's body part.
Friend #1: How was your weekend?

Friend #2: It was great, and I got some tang from that one girl across the street.
#pussy #vagina #sex #queef #fuck
by >=) January 27, 2007
1. A delicious orange drink, made of hope and bottled sun. Originally used by NASA as a recruiting tool for astronauts.

2. Sex; derived from the Latin "poontang", meaning "busy loin". A favorite pasttime in Holland.
1. Get some Tang, its fucking awesome
2. Get some tang, its fucking awesome
#sex #orange #tropic #astronaut #dutch love
by Stalin's Love March 30, 2011
Vagina, pussy, muff, sideways clams, sausage wallet and virtually every other word for that warm, wet, yet glorious place between the legs of a female.
"Man, I can't wait to get some 'tang."
"Like the astronauts?"
"Yeah, Mary, like the astronauts."
#pussy #vagina #pussy lips #big taco #camel toe
by Phil Nordhus December 30, 2007
Vagina of a human woman.
Wow her tang is tight. -BTHS
by Swordy August 24, 2004
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