Marked by extraordinarily great size, number, or degree. Especially exceeding usual bounds or accepted notions causing great surprise or sudden wonder
Damn you nailed that girl "Tane" style.

Man she wants it so bad, give it to her like "Tane" would.

A girl like that only wants the "Tane".
by wollongaba May 05, 2011
Top Definition
Gasoline, as in 87 octane.
Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis
Pumped a lot of tane down in New Orleans
But I never saw the good side of a city
'Til I hitched a ride on the riverboat queen
by The Luke February 07, 2005
Gasoline. (Contracted from "octane", and spelled " 'tane " in some cases.

Usage note: this word can only be found written in the lyrics of CCR's "Proud Mary", and does not seem to be in general usage. Some debate exists as to whether the word "pain" was intended. If so, John Fogerty's pronciation is so bad that not only would most listeners mistake a "P" for a "T", but would go so far as to assume the existence of a new word to do so.
Pumped a lotta 'tane down in new orleans...
by phildonnia March 25, 2005
Pronounced Tah-Neh. Someone who thinks he is good.
Hi, I'm Tane.
by EtherealSecret February 13, 2015
A thing of great attractiveness and fitness.
1) "Did you see Katy Perry's new video?"

"Yeah she looked TANE"

2) "That Ferrari is tane man!"
by heuer'planet October 18, 2011
A shy, quiet boy. He spends a lot of time reading. Incredibly handsome, possibly one of the most attractive people you'll ever meet.
Girl: That cute guy is always reading...

Girl 2: I know, right? He's such a Tane.
by SomeoneSomewhereSomehow November 03, 2013
abbv for butane, representing beauty. noun describing a good looking woman, who would be considered by a majority to be a hb ('hardbody') 8 or above. Widely used across the south, especially london, Sheffield and Nottingham.
She is an absolute tane
by cocksure81 December 31, 2009
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