1. the act of performing auto erotic asphyxiation. 2. can also refer to the act of using one's hand to scoop and cup a woman's breast at a college party
1. I'm all about the California high, but I don't think I'm quite ready to tancer.

2. Last night I was at this party, and I told my buddy to go feel up this girl, and he totally tancered her. What a fucking idiot.
by scoopvictim February 16, 2011
(Tan-Cer) Cancer from going tanning either outside, indoors (Fake-Baking), or rub-on tanner.
Shay: "We're all going tanning!"
Tara: "Enjoy your Tancer."
by TeejVarell March 17, 2010
A combination of the words tan and cancer which describes a severe and unattractive tan someone has acquired from over tanning. An extreme tan in which the person's skin has become so dark and leathery from excessive tanning that the person is at a high risk for developing skin cancer.
Kara's tan used to be so hot, but she's spent so much time in the tanning bed that now she just has tancer.
by rungineer November 01, 2009
Skin cancer caused by using tanning salons
Mary developed tancer from going to the tanning salon.
by merset September 29, 2014

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