to insult somone with tampoon meaning they are a tomponed poon
johnyboy:fuck you sean your a fucking tampoon!

sean:whats that?
by ass rammer 67777 September 02, 2008
A tampon, soaked in a strong liquor or for the non-drinking saints amongst us (who while sober are willing - Legends) caffeinated products and insert said tampoon into the anus. (Tampooning) This is best achieved using an applicator not made from card and preferably with some KY jelly. The result is alcohol entering the system and bypassing the liver, promoting your inebriated state.
1: Andy just tampooned last night!
2: I know, heard him screaming in pain the next day when he went for a dump
1: Dirt!
by beaverman May 29, 2010
the kind that shoot! a tampon used as a harpoon gun or missile
directions: first remove from wrapper. remove tip of applicator with knife or scissors. hit the back with the force(or the palm of your hand) and send the vaginal raper flying!
sam: no, do not attack me with your tampoon!
sean: in your face eskimo!
sam: oh the horror!
sean:*insert mind fucking powers here* swoosh!
sean: i just tampooned me an eskimo!
Sean: mind fucking powers, sir!
by the diabolical snuggles(sean) April 13, 2009
Tampoon is a word I made up ages ago. It's used to describe a tampon used by very large women; resembles a cotton harpoon. Vampires use them to make tea
I can't believe she uses a tampoon
by babyswanlets July 21, 2011
n. a pod, or grouping of more then two women, heading towards a bathroom to discuss the location, to talk about the people at the table, to freshen up, and to use the bathroom.
As Justin sat eating his dinner, he recognized one of the cliquey girls in the passing tampoon.
by JJJJustin June 10, 2006
(Noun)A tampon that is very much like a harpoon after it has been recovered from a bleeding specimen, a used tampon.
Some one left a tampoon in the waist basket.
by Dante Valentine April 22, 2006
(Intransitive verb.) To be wearing a tampon.
I wanted to go down on her last night but then I found out she was tampooned and took a raincheck.
by starry_chari July 28, 2004

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