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The act of using the vagina as a hiding place for items, especially stolen goods.
Look! Theres the bitch that tamponed my cellphone and ran off!
by Densa January 16, 2007
Being in the best place at the worst possible time.
My friend went to an awesome strip club, but he had a girlfriend. He was pretty tamponed...
by shocksystem April 29, 2011
When a female (senior/boss) treats you like a personal slave and then totally ignores/neglects you when its time to return the favor.

Like throwing away a used tampon.
I have been running personal errands for my boss for the past year and now she has promoted my junior as my manager. She has tamponed me!!
by YoYo_Ash July 27, 2016
A skating term when a skateboard vertically makes contact with the skaters privates.
Skater1: Oh yea, i can do a kickflip.
(runs to try)
by janett July 06, 2005
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