the word for the gay mans period
I'm quite possibly tamping at the moment, i am extremely touchy about everyone and everything
by messengermatt July 11, 2009
Top Definition
Mad, furious, steaming
I was tamping, Dave spilt my pint!
by Joshua H Armstrong August 20, 2004
a word for someone whos gutted.. but it's better than the word gutted..
rhys: oh my god i just dropped my eggs.
hazel: TAMPING!!!
by mistress porc. September 27, 2005
To bury an explosive device underground so it deals more damage to the surrounding area. Commonly used in strip mining.

Equated to letting off a firecracker in your closed fist as opposed to your open palm.
Tamping--Mines are considered tamped in the ground so the they inflict maximum damage.
by Jeff Met July 31, 2006
Word, usually used by the Welsh, to express dissatisfaction at a situation.

Doesn't actually mean anything to do with unhappiness and is seen by many as an indicator to the average Welsh person’s illiteracy for the English Language. This being somewhat of a paradox, as to most Welsh thought processes that the welsh invented the English Language. This paradox, that the Welsh, apparently founders of the language have no grasp of simple words, and what is, what isn't and what plainly doesn’t make sense words. This is also an indicator towards the average welsh intelligence, being only slightly above nil, good labour providers for the English some say, but now the English have taken that away, they all live in poverty, oh well!
Ow butt, Blyndathfon and Gwyn are tamping that we didnt see Tyfwonaddand his bros during the weekend.
by prof.reg.fritter March 26, 2008
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